Sunday, May 20, 2007

Let me take you back to July 1997. It was my Queens Scout Expedition, day 2, and myself and 3 friends were trecking across the central Scottish Highlands. It was typical Scottish weather, cloudy, windy with intermitent rain, exactly what we expected. It was wild, bleak but incredibly beautiful. And there was moment inparticular that I remember.

It was late afternoon and we were coming down off of Ben Bheil (pro Voil), which is a long ridge type mountain, and we were looking down into the glen below having just dropped beneath the cloud line. And scudding through this glen were a series of small grey clouds that were being blown over the edge of the col at the top of the glen. The speed that they were coming down the glen was incredible and we spent quite a while just sat there looking out at this.

We called it the Cloud Factory.

Just thought I'd share that memory.

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Rebecka said...

Thats beautiful Akela. The sort of thing story ideas spawn from. :)