Thursday, April 12, 2007

Religion re-visited.

(twice in a few days, this is unusual!)

So there I was, first thing this morning, having crashed at my friend's house over night, flicking through the various random channles you can get on Sky Digital while I ate my Cheerios.

I came across one of those Deep South Christian channels and I stopped for a look out of curiosity. I have my prejudices against such channels (despite being Christian) as I have heard worrying stories about just how Conservative and also down right dishonest they are.

The language they used was not the kind of language I would use about my faith, despite believing roughly the same thing. But that is a cultural difference and not something that greatly concerns me.

What concerns me was their invitation to phone a premium rate number to tell one of their people about your faith.

That's right, a premium rate number, so you get to be shafted for loads of money to line the pockets of the preacher for the pleasure of telling someone that you've never met that you believe the same thing as them.

What a crock of shit.

And people wonder why I have so little time for organised churches.

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