Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today at lunch time, as is quite common, I checked the news healdlines on the BBC website.

Top headline (on "world news" as oposed to "UK" news I might add) was the fact that one group had bid £10.7 billion and another £10.9 billion for control of the Boots group.

Now this is a frightening amount of money and given the private equity nature of this finance and the reputation such people have for asset stripping and the number of people that Boots employ (tens of thousands in the UK alone, I am led to believe) this is worth reporting, this is people's livelyhoods we are talking about.

However, all things are relative.

At 5th in the list of stories was what is happening in Somalia right now, where the capital is now devoid of women and children because of the fighting, where the African Union forces have less than 20% of the man power they need for peace keeping operations, where civilian areas are being shelled by heavy artilliary.

And we are worried about share prices.

I wont bang on.

Please, just think about it.


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