Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I took a personality test, not sure how serious it was meant to be, it was an online thingumy. Anyway, I wont put the full results on here but one thing it did give me was 70% Religious. Which I think is just about fare.

But..... when I clicked on the option to tell me what Religious actually meant it said the following

"Closest confident is a Higher Power, has more belief than doubt, prefers to let religion not themself decide the meaning of their life, opposed to strip clubs, believes that life is meaningful, reveres holidays and traditions, considers themself very spiritual, more likely to be politically conservatie, opposed to euthanasia, fears being corrupt or evil, old fashioned, thinks abortion should be outlawed, has faith things will work out, would sacrifice their life for a good enough cause, caring, honest, generous, prude, modest, drawn to public service, purposeful"

Some of those are right but theones I have highlited are completely the oposite of what I think, with several others (eg strip clubs) being things I am titally ambivilent about.

Simply having religious faith does not make anyone prude, conservative and unable to think for themselves. Why do people automatically believe that?

Sorry, but we're not all the same and it's time people realised that.

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