Monday, March 05, 2007

The big story this morning is that a teenage girl has ben killed on an outward bound trip on Dartmoor.

This is a tragedy, there are no words that will be able toc omfort her family and friends right now and I can only begin to imagine how the adults that were in charge of the party must feel right now. Anyone that works with kids must consider this as there ultimate nightmare.

Yet already the media, without a full grip on the facts, are starting to point the finger and ask what anyone was doing on Datrmoor on these conditions.

I've seen the tv pictures, heard that there was an inch of rain in 12 hours. These were not particularly bad conditions. As long as care is taken, the right equipment is carried and the right precautions followed then there is no reason why walking parties, even those made of teenagers, should not be out. The benefits of adventurous activities are huge, leadership, self confidence, self respect, fitness, the list goes on and on.

If we end up with parents put off letting their children go or further restrictions placed on what can happen because of what looks like simply a tragic accident then we will all be worse off.

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