Tuesday, January 02, 2007

When we were Scouts.

I am utterly appauled. The show on BBC2 tonight was an opportunity for some fantastic PR instead what we were treated to was a whole load of cliched bollocks. All the gags about toggles and knobbly knees came out, one after another, totally predictable totally rubbish.

There are thosands of scout and guide leaders out there who work their arse off for no money and often no thanks to do something for kids and they get repaid with that piece of shit. Bet they're all feeling really good right now. And the best bit is that the people hwo produced it will be expecting their kids to go to scouts or guides next week and not think for one minute how much they have upset the people that run in. Remember them? The people that take their kids away on camp, using up their leave from work, probably spending their own money.

Words fail me to explain how angry I am right now.

Let me tell you about S. S came to scouts when she was 17 to help with Cubs. She loved it and before she'd left for uni had signe dup for network in the town where she was going. She's done a parachute jump to raise group funds. She good looking, intelligent and all round good egg.

Where the hell were people like her?

There had better be one hell of post mortum at HQ over this one. This year is the big one PR wise. We are only going to get one bloody shot at this and thus far its been a cock up.


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