Friday, January 26, 2007

What it's like to be a man.

The fact is that men are obsessive individuals. Despite what many women would have you believe we are very different to each other. We are NOT all egotisical, sex crazed, sexist, testosterone fuled animals, although there are some. (And frankly most of us have our moments).

We do tend to have one thing in common though and that is our ability to be utterly obsessive about things. I have one friend who spends every waking moment with his under the bonnet of a land rover. Its his passion, his obsession. I know yet another who spends every moment that he's not at work taking photos. It goes beyond a hobby, it goes beyond a passion, it is utter obsession. Another one spends absolutley every waking moment either climbing or talking about climbing.

I tell you this so that maybe you understand why right now I am very twitchy indeed.

Tomorrow my beloved Barnet FC, possibly the most unglamorous, most rubbish, most ridiculous little club in the world, will play for the first ever time in the 4th round of the FA cup, the greatest cup competition in the world. And yes, like many others I rank it above the world cup or European cup.

And we are playing Plymouth Argyle. Compared to Barnet they are a big club but still we're not exactly talking Man United or Real Madrid here!

So infact this is a very low key, unglam tie that shouldn't really be get any normal individual wound up. But my obsession you see is Barnet FC. Its been that way since I was 13. the game is more or less sold out. A quick glance at the message board on the club website (see link at the side) will show the mad scramble there is for the handful of tickets that are still floating around. So I'm not alone.

I am so twitchy that I cant eat and cant sleep and cant concentrate on anything. I know it doesn't matter, I know so many things are more important but that isn;t where my mind is right now.

I love football, I love Barnet, and until this tie is settled (hell, it might go to a replay!) I am going to be utterly obsessed.

That is what it is like to be a man.

Friday, 6.15pm

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