Sunday, October 22, 2006

I don't seem to have stopped today!

Started off early! got woken up in the wee hours by my loved one and friend coming back from clubbing!

Then it was the great HQ clear out, over many years we have accumulated junk of every size and description, mostly in the attic. With the day coming when the roof will finally be repalced (dear God, one day please!) we thought it was time we cleaned it out.

We pulled out everything from the useful (some ground sheets and pegs long thought lost), to the manky (a couple of really nasty old sleeping bags) to the just bloody strange (a manequin and a couple of suitcases!). Needless to say we have filled a very large skip and there is plenty of room for more, a new skip will be here for next weekend when thr job continues.

I have spent most of this afternoon doing admin and its still not all done. Akela, it seems, is never off duty!

Get a night off of Cubs tomorrow but group leaders meeting on wednesday instead. One day I'll say no to something. I mean it!

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