Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sometimes you have a totally perfect weekend and this was one of them.

First I got to knock off work at 3 on Friday afternoon and travelled down to sunny surrey to catch up with various friends. All the trains were on time, air conditioned and I ended up arriving early!

First I met up with S in Guildford. She's a great friend who I met in the heady days of being a Venture Scout on a winter skills mountaineering course. She is also someone who I don't see anywhere near enough of and one of the few people in the world who put me at ease when talking about religion and other great questions of life. We had dinner at a river side pub, sitting in the sun, all very chilled, all very civilised! It is something that we really must do more often.

Then on to see M just outside and his fiance. I've know M since we were 11, people regularly accuse us of being brothers, his parents still call me Steedy and we can communicate in grunts! After braving a spectacular thunder storm on Staurday morning we spent the afternoon on the beach in Dorset, fossil hunting and swimming in the sea, again all very chilled, relaxed and generally very cool. Followed by fish and chips and sat in thepub till we were kicked out putting the world to rights.

I also got asked to be best man at their weding next year! Am dead chuffed!

Today was then spent over a lazy sunday lunch, reading the papers by the lake and then wending my way home.

For the first time in I forget how long I have finished the weekend relaxed, happy and generally refreshed. More where that came from please!

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