Friday, July 07, 2006

Helped with scouts last night, the idea was that they make their own burgers and cook them on a BBQ.

Simple right?

Well that's what I thought, it is amazing what you average 12 or 13 year old can develope it in to! It became a contest in seeing who could produce the most interesting smell by burning random plants found around the hut with the clear intention of fidning something "intoxicating". :-)

There was then the prat who had locked his bike to the gate and lost the keys. He had an absolute beast of a bike lock that was resistant to everything we could attack it with, even an axe. Eventually his Dad stopeed sitting there looking useless while me and Andy tried to sort it and went home to get a spare key. He lives 5 minutes away and yet waited half an hour to inform us that he could do this.


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Katie said...

Ah the joys of Scout parents! To be fair to my group, most are pretty good, bar a couple. But Scouts are so much fun, they test stuff out more than Cubs do - that's what I love about them. Explorers get even better!! :)