Wednesday, July 26, 2006

After days of utterly stifeling heat the weather tonight has finally broken with a belter of a thunderstorm! It has been some of nature's pyrotechnics at their very very best, cracking thunder, torrential down pours and that wonderful smell of wet wood. Amazing!

In a gap between massive downpours, but still raining none the less, I went for a walk. the smell was over powering and when thelightening flashed it was the real McCoy forked stuff and seemed to be trying to take out my retina! I was wearing flip flops and let my feet drag through the puddles, soaking them in the sweet smelling rain. Nothing like it!

There is of course the concern with weather like this about global warming, living just 5m above sea level this is something very much on my mind! If you haven't already take a look at Heacte's blog (link in the er.... links section!) she regularly has something to say on the subject, albeit from the perspective of our cousins the other side of the pond.

It's a small world, on the way home from work I was on the same train as a bunch of Rangers. I got chatting to their leader and found that they were heading for Cambridge for a few days before going to Norjam, having just talked about meeting some guide leader friends of mine there next week! Not only that but when they got to Cambridge they were being met by a friend of mine who was transporting all their luggage to site. Was well impressed with this bunch of girls, well behaved, well organised, friendly, what more can I say?

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