Monday, June 12, 2006

It was distric camp at the weekend, very hot, lots of fun, very sociable, wont bang on about it.

AGM tonight, group managed 0 Beaver parents, 5 cubs parents (of whom 2 left early, 1 was there bt mistake and 1 is an ACSL) 0 scout parents, 1 explorer parent (and she's on the excec).

Ever felt underappreciated?

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Katie said...

I think it was just a camping weekend. There was a Network camp on too, along with a few others I've heard of! Crazy!

As for the AGM stuff - take a tip from the one I went to the other week (as district rep) - hold a bbq! It was great - very informal, but info was passed to those who needed it and nearly all parents attended. :)