Friday, June 02, 2006

I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

The story behind the eviction. My flat is partly above and partly behind a shop (they aren't the landlord). The shop want to expand and have asked the land lord if they can take the part of our flat that is behind them. They intend to rent the whole building, convert the upstairs in to a smaller flat and then sub let it.

They have said we are welcome to move in to it but we are talking about a flat a third smaller than before and we would no longer have access to the garden and they want MORE BLOODY RENT for it despite the inconvenience of moving out for a couple of months.

Then today the shop owner and his little twat of a side kick came round along with their builder talking about what they were going to do and were actually joking about how cheaply they can do us a new kitchen, gags about giving us a bench and a camping stove.

Really funny. Utterly bloody hilarious.

Its an utter joke.

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