Sunday, May 28, 2006

Well today was surreal!

A friend of M's had a stall at a fairy fair. Yes you did read that right, a fairy fair! Basically her friend makes model faries and sells them. And today we were expected to go along and support her. I was not really lookign forward to the day, slogging my way to Kings Lynn and then paying for the privelage of watching gorwn adults wander round as pixies was not what what I had imagined doing with my Sunday, but I went along. A few things came out of it though!

Firstly, exactly how different was it to going on a Cub camp? grown adults dressing strangely and messing about when they should really know better? Lets face it, I was in no position to criticise!

Second, lots of ideas for writing. Have always thought there is something a bit fantastical about stately homes and this was no exception. Have some great ideas a can't wait to get cracking.

Finally, before going m told me that her friend actually believes in faries! I was pretty dismisive of the whole thing but then M pointed out that her friend often can't understand why some one can believe in God but not in faries. Now for the record I am Christian (although with major issues with the organised church, although that is a different story for another time) and it reminded me that beliveing in God, in any way, is ultimately a leap of faith. Now there are much better reasons for believing in God than in faries (the whole why are we here, do we have a soul type questions) but when push comes to shove it is about believing in something that you can't actually see.

So as with the whole dressing up and being a prat thing, am I in a position to criticise?

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