Monday, May 08, 2006

Sixers and Seconders Camp

Well I took 7 of my "elite" away for the weekend and it was er..... interesting! We'd deliberatly told them nothing about the programme and when they arrived on Friday night they naturally expected to see their tents waiting for them. Well they did, trouble was it consisted of a pile of canvas, poles, dolleys and pegs! And so it began.

The thing to remember is that I have a very young pack right now, the eldest is just 9 and a half right now and untill Friday had just 5 nights away under his belt. So their camping skills left a bit to be desired. We put them through their paces in almost unrelenting rain and by the end they could put and take down tents in their sleep, could all cook on stoves and fires, had learnt basic lashings, could fold a flag, light a fire and are generally looking good for future camps.

The only down side is that discipline is still not what it could be. There is still some answering back from some individuals and a complete in ability to follow some basic instructions from a couple of them. How difficult is it to understand "don't play with the tent pegs" even if you are 9 years old and tired?

Tonight I get to see what the hut smells like after it is had soggy patrol tents drying in it for 24 hours.


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Katie said...

Wow! Impressive! My Scouts are only just learning that sort of stuff... their basic scouting skills were atrocious!!