Thursday, May 18, 2006

The last few days at work have made me realised just how much I can't stand all the bollocks there is in the world. It has brought me in to contact with a number of people who are commited to making as much money as they can in as short a time as they can. And all of them seemed to have nothing else in their life beyond money. And none of them seemed to have anything to say for themselves.

Have managed to wriggle out of a district leaders meeting tonight, mostly to look after my loved one M as she has got her Spanish exams tomorrow. Thankfuly S has stood in once again!

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Katie said...

I hate District Leaders meetings, but as District Scout Leader, I'm kind of expected to go. Luckily the Cub Leaders one just got cancelled :) so just the Scouts to go to now.

Buena suerte!!