Sunday, April 30, 2006

Suddenly got inspired to do this after spending an afternoon surfing around trying to start putting together the global development village for our district centenary camp next year. Came across a couple of other scout leader blogs that were quite good.

So anyway, about me.....

I'm 27, live in Cambridge, I'm a Cub Leader (plus surrogate Explorer leader to my various young leaders I have accumulated) and on the district centenary committe. Been doing this since I was 8, went right through to the end of ventures and then some fool decided to give me a warrant. Have been a bad influence on various kids ever since! (Was once told off by the leader off another group for single handedly taking on his cubs in a water fight, miserable sod!)

Filled in as super sub last summer for our district contingent at Eurojam and loved every minute of it, will probably end up at Worldjam in some capacity.

So that's a rough intro anyway. This will probably end up being a collection of random museings by a 20 something scout leader, some about scouting, some not. So enjoy!

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Katie said...

You sound like you've been dragged into almost as much as me! :) I started as a Cub helper, now I'm an District Scout Leader, ASL, Beaver and Explorer helper. Along with about a million committees that I'm on! Scouting can really take over!